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Our Mission

At RBS our mission or purpose is very simple - SATISFY OUR CUSTOMERS! We can't be a company providing World Class Business Services unless we have satisfied customers.

We take pride in our product: Services that create clean, safe, healthy surroundings and help people to be more successful every day.

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Our Principles and Basic Policies

  • Give the customer the best service imaginable.
    • Find ways to change, improve and be flexible.
    • Decide that you will improve or fix it first, how you will fix it later
    • Inspect as though you were the customer
    • Listen to the customer
  • Be positive and enthusiastic -- it's contagious!
  • Take responsibility.
  • Be Honest.
    • Don’t even tell white lies
    • Keep your supervisor informed, so the company’s leaders can be honest too.
  • Support the company.
    • Get behind new ideas and plans - make things happen
    • Represent company leaders in a positive manner
    • Only discuss problems inside the company with the right person
  • Stick to your own principles and beliefs.
    • There is always a way to work things out - find a solution
    • Be alert for misunderstandings and clear them up
  • Take the long term view.
    • Invest the time, effort and resources now for the future
    • Raise the expectation, work at it until it is real, then do it again
    • Encourage and invest in personal and professional growth
Corporate Office:
3093 Enterprise Dr.
Saginaw, MI 48603
Branch Office:
527 E. Cesar Chavez Ave.
Lansing, MI 48906

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