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Our Keys to Success

These keys represent programs and activities that are the basics of our business – the real “how to’s”. If all associates perform their part in these areas, we will all be very successful.

Key 1: Safety

No one need ever suffer an injury or illness caused by his or her work activities or surroundings. Everyone’s top priority is to make sure we and our customers are safe. See the SAFETY PROGRAM, RULES, POLICIES AND PROCEDURES.

Key 2: Associates

Keeping safety in mind at all times, we can next focus on providing the best service. RBS associates are the next key to success. We will do whatever necessary to hire and place the best. Most people want to do a good job. So, we will hire and continue to work with those who enhance the company’s ability to perform at optimum levels and grow. See the HIRING PROGRAM, ASSOCIATE HANDBOOK.

Key 3: Engineering and Systems Technology

The integrity of engineering information and communicating it to the production staff is vital to the survival and success of the company. We engineer every job through specifications, workloading, task definition, positioning and assignment to be executable and profitable.See the RBS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM

Key 4: Product Specification

Misunderstandings about product specifications (by all levels of RBS associates and customers alike) are at the root of most customer complaints and dissatisfaction. The best people with all the hard work and good intentions in the world cannot make up for delivering the wrong product to the customer. Customer’s needs can and do change frequently. We will document, quantify and systematize product specifications as well as any changes and evaluate the effect on costs and pricing. These specifications will then be distributed to all associates and customers. See the RBS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PROGRAM, BIDDING PROCEDURES. See also the ROUTE BOOKS

Key 5: Production Technology

We are the experts at which products, equipment, tools and techniques are the best to produce the result the customer is buying. When we identify an improvement -- a better, safer, faster or cheaper way to produce a result, we will incorporate that improvement throughout the company as soon as possible to maximize the value of the research. See the TECHNOLOGY RESOURCE LISTING, TECHNOLOGY RELEASE AND UPDATE PROCEDURE

Key 6: Training

Safety, enthusiastic capable associates, product specifications, engineered systems and production technology aren’t enough to make a company successful. Associates must be trained in all areas to perform at a high level of expertise and to produce the best balance of quality product at a level of expense, which is profitable to the company. We train all associates in the most safe and efficient methods to accomplish their job responsibilities. See the TRAINING PROGRAM, TRAINING & MOTIVATION POLICIES AND PROCEDURES.

Key 7: Quality Inspections

Product quality must be constantly monitored and adjustments made to insure customer satisfaction. Inspections are performed on the work of all associates. Any inconsistencies or deficiencies found during inspections are corrected as soon as possible. The inspection results are then collated, tracked, and reviewed with the associates and customers on a regular basis. See the INSPECTION PROGRAM.

Key 8: Productivity Control

Consistent, predictable production rates insure company profitability and therefore the company’s ability to invest in improvements. Improvements allow a company to pay its associates more. Five (5) minutes over the workloaded time (we use the term, Control Hours) out of every hour would lead to loss and eventually ruin the company. Five (5) minutes saved out of every hour makes the company competitive and leads to success for all. We monitor Hours Worked and compare them to Control Hours, making adjustments to insure profitability to the company and associates. See the CONTROL HOUR REPORT.

Key 9: Communication

Communications with customers, associates, prospects, etc. determine our ability to maintain high quality, rewarding relationships, define and refine product specifications, and grow. Customers are contacted frequently, conversations documented in detail, and formal meetings to review service are held on a scheduled basis. All Customer Complaints and Requests are handled with a high degree of importance and urgency. See the CUSTOMER CONTACT SCHEDULE AND PROGRAM, the CUSTOMER COMPLAINT PROCEDURE.

Key 10: Reliability and Image

The true test of a company’s worth is often not when things are going as planned, but when something outside of the normal occurs. Associate absences and customer emergencies are two such occurrences. If an RBS associate is absent, failing to replace that associate would result in a failure to deliver the product to the customer. We have a system of communicating any absences and replacing absent associates with substitutes. During a customer emergency, RBS’s quick response and “can do” attitude have distinguished us with our customers. All associates are responsible for presenting a positive image of the company and the individuals within it to others. See the SUB SYSTEM, COMMUNICATIONS POLICIES, “SUPPORT”.

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